Chata Sielskie Klimaty

Attractions of the region

The scenic panoramas of bushes and grasses in a brook’s valley located no more than 1km from the cottege

Path for nordic walking located in the nearby forest

Pristine beaches of Lake Pamiątkowo with a tourist equipment rental open in high season.

Meadows and fields around the village with the indigenous fauna and flora of the region.

Forests and the estuaryof the rover Samica in the village of Ruks.

Public indoor and outdoor swimming pools located in the nearby town of Szamotuły.

Historic buildings:

The Palace Baborowko built in 1895 in eclectic style with some secessionist elements. There are historic buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century nearby: an annex, a barn, piggery and smithy as well as a granary and a distillery.

The Palace Objezierze was built in the eighteen century in a classic style. The building is famoust for hosting Adam Mickiewicz the Polish national bard. There is an old gothic church close to the palace.

The Górka Castle Museum - the 16th-century castle located in a park surrounded by outbuildings from the end of the 18th century with most famous Halszka’s Tower. Legend has it that Halszka Princess was imprisoned in the tower for a lifetime and even today some people claim to have seen her ghostly body at night.


Dni Szamotuł - an international yearly hold festival in the streets of the city in June.

A horse jumping competition In Baborówko - an international horse and folk festivity yearly hold in the Babroowko’s Palaces area.